• I take pride in finishing ‘Hundred Days Of Running Challenge’..Our mentor and guide,Bali brings in a lot of positivity, comraderie and fun to the sport.

    Monika Jain

  • The Run Club holds me accountable when ever that little voice in my head tries to convince me to skip the run . ‘The Run Club’ has brought running back to the forefront and it’s a rage again. Paveela Bali,our founder president has indeed done a great job.Keep up the good work!


  • I have been associated with Run Club for more than four months. The team here is a set of enthusiastic , passionate and committed individuals who are passionate about running & are working towards taking this to a whole new level. I am thankful to this club to have given my passion a new direction.

    Usha Bhasin

  • Never Ending Motivation, Constant Motivation and timely inspiration is what comprises “The Run Club”. “We are what we repeatedly do.Come Run with TRC and find your wings.

    Avneet Grewal Mehan

  • I enjoyed running and interacting with the group members and most of us became good friends. Paveela was very encouraging and gave me company.Run for Fun is my motto and TRC helps me do just that.

    Bandana Bastani

  • “Oh my gosh, running made all the difference in my life.”. I was a happier person now. For someone who had never run the achievement of doing 5 kms under Paveela Bali’s push was a big achievement for me.

    Seema Sharma

  • “RUN IS FUN”. All credit goes to Pavee Mam.

    I must say Running is all that matters and when it’s in a group like TRC it’s more fun and it improves your overall performance. It is a good initiative to relieve all your stress.



  • A wonderful initiative by paveela !Thanx to the motivational force behind our team -paveela.
    I wish all the runs are in evening

    Payal Jain

  • Thank you Paveela for taking the time to help people to improve their health . I had always believed that I could never run for more than a km . You inspired me and showed me that it’s all in the mind . If you apply yourself , anything is possible . I hope that you inspire many others like me and improve their lives too . Health is wealth

    Amrik Randhawa

  • Paveela has always been very passionate about anything she takes on for the benefit of the society, all the best to TRC it has made a difference in improving the mental and physical health of Chandigarhites !

    Ram Ahluwalia

  • I applauded myself for doing a 10km in the Swach Ability Run which was an achievement and a motivation to push my limits further.I take pride in being associated with this group and wish it grows further and creates more runners all around.


  • First run of my life was with TRC.
    Kudos to each and every member of this group and of course the founder.

    Nidhi Chopra

  • I said its not just a club, its a family that runs together. Respect.”
    Paveela Bali ji-  a motivating figure – shes never thought about herself, and has helped everyone in the club including me by motivating me to the core.As God bless
    The Run club- “we run in red”

    Govind Rai Vashishth

  • As a fitness enthusiast, I take pride in being a member of The Run Club (TRC). This initiative by Ms. Paveela Bali gives all the fitness freaks in chandigarh an opportunity to work out in a group….motivate each other to push the limits and reap the rewards. No matter what the weather,  members of TRC encourage each other to work out…even if its just for 15mins. Kudos to Paveela’s effort 🙂 .

    Suneet Tayal

  • Great job done by you ma’am,being a member of the run club I feel very proud.after 100 days run club it feels as if we are into the routine now… And running 10km is like we are warming up. Really it has boosted our stamina because of which we actively participated in marathons. Thanks a lot for the spirit

    Rajender Banku

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