TRC is organising The Mother's day challenge on 10th May 2020. Registration fees is Rs 200.


This is a virtual challenge and All you have to do is any innovative , exciting and enduring activity in a multiple of 10.Whatever you choose to do just make your activity challenging.

Every Participant will get a participation medal and Top 5 most innovative , enduring and entertaining videos will be given prizes worth Rs.4000 each.

If you are a mother , register yourself and/or register your mother.

Some Examples for the activities are :

- Gardening for 10 minutes.

- Walk / Run 1.0/10 kms inside your house.

- Flip an omelette or a parantha 10 times.

- Walk up and down stairs 10 times.

- Shoot 10 basketball hoops.

- Camp out in your garden on the 10th of May.

- Meditate for 10 minutes.

- Read 10 stories to a child.

- Learn to say Good Morning in 10 different languages.

- Run 10 rounds of your lawn.

- Challenge yourself to 10 push ups.

- Dance to music for 10 mins.

- Get 10 friends together for a virtual workout.

- Host a tea party with 10 friends on any video app.

- Drape 10 different sarees.

- 10 Surya namaskars or its multiple.

- 10 mins of skipping.

- 10 mins of any cardio activity.

- Call up 10 friends.

- Cook food for 10 people(u can feed the needy)

- 10 Burpees or its multiples.

- 10 Single leg jumps or its multiples.

- Make 10 sketches.

- Bake 10 cookies/cupcakes/cakes.

- Donate 10 Ration Kits.

Whatever you choose to do , Just make your activity challenging.The above ones are just examples and you can create your own challenge & something interesting for your mother too.

Every finisher gets a medal.

Online Registrations start on 30th April 2020

No Offline registrations.

For Queries contact : 9915096933

Registration Closed